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As neighborhood resident, graduate student in urban planning, historical enthusiast, and shoot from the hip iphone photographer, this blog was born on a whimsical convergence of interests and aspirations on otherwise unremarkable Brooklyn afternoon.

The documentation of the building is interesting to me on many levels, but my main aim is to reach out and invite Kickstarter to the community of Greenpoint. I hope that by inviting them with good cheer and open arms, that they will be additionally encouraged to add to the growing vibrancy of the community.

Armed to the teeth with enterprising spirit, and with a bevy of resources in their cache, Kickstarter has a unique opportunity to create much needed jobs for local residents, add traffic to local businesses, engage and inspire resident artists, and spread general good will throughout the neighborhood.

As progress on the building comes along, and Kickstarter’s move-in more imminent, I will be creating a kickstarter project to welcome the company to Greenpoint. At present I am thinking of raising money to bake delicious cookies for the staff.

Have a better kickstarter idea, a great cookie recipe, or a skeleton key to the universe? Contact me.


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