It’s Alive! Alive!

Well, almost. If you look close enough, you can see studs mounted for room divisions.

Dr. Frankenstein’s monster will be entertaining city folk before you know it. Get your top hats out, because it’s going to be quite the show.



What’s On Deck

Progress on Kickstarter’s forthcoming Greenpoint HQ has been ongoing, but perceptible improvements have been hard to report for the last few months. Well that and my lack of snooping around…


Architect Ole Sondresen has released a project portfolio for the Kickstarter project. Visit the link to view an illustrated rendering of what their vision for the roof deck/courtyard seen above will morph into.

This isn’t the only urban design project Kickstarter is getting behind. Check out these 6 recent Kickstarter projects for cities from This Big City.

Stack it All Up Like Lego Money

Work in progress. The guys are bringing in the supporting construction frames. They will be installing Doka formwork products, which is like LEGO for big boys.

While the plans call for a theater, art gallery, lounge and cafeteria in addition to offices, I’m still holding out in hope it’s a medieval castle.

Let There Be Light

With the crew having removed almost all of the stone and brick fills from the arched windows, rays of sun can pass through and fill the interior structure. I’m guessing the last time these walls saw the light Ronald Reagan was still President.

I Can See Clearly Now

The roof is gone! Can’t wait to see what the architectural design team comes up with.

Small things…

Who’s the black private dick that’s a sex machine to all the chicks? (Shaft!) You’re damn right. Got a better shaft joke? Send it in. I’ll post the wittiest quips.

“Small things amuse small minds.” – Dorris Lessing.

Look at Those Studs!

Signs of life have emerged! Yes, been snoozing through demolition the last couple of weeks, but now the art of framing has begun. There will be a floor plan emerging through the darkness soon enough.

Here’s Johnny!


I hope the foreman has these “tidy johns” locked up tightly overnight. The unusual places you find people sleeping in Greenpoint never fails to impress.

Room with a View

Goodbye pencil factory, hello dream factory! Here’s a pre-renovation look at the first floor interior from the cargo bay door at the west end of the building.

It’s All in the Numbers

They spray painted a big 58 today, that should be helpful. One man in a construction cap spotted. He’s looks really into his game of Angry Birds.

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